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Vehicle auctions are events where cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles are sold to the highest bidder. Here's a general overview of how vehicle auctions typically work: 1. Registration: Potential buyers need to register for the auction and may be required to pay a registration fee. This process often involves providing identification and financial information. 2. Preview Period: Before the auction begins, there is usually a preview period where bidders can inspect the vehicles up for auction. Carefully examine the condition of the vehicles you're interested in. 3. Bidding: The auctioneer starts the bidding process in person or online, and interested buyers can place bids on the vehicles. Bidding can be fast-paced, so it's essential to set a budget and stick to it. 4. Winning Bids: The highest bid on a vehicle wins the auction.The winning bidder must then pay.
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2019 Toyota Rav4 Book Value: $24,850 Purchase Price: $13,500 Savings: $11,350 View Similar Vehicles
2019 Ford F-150 Book Value: $35,000 Purchase Price: $15,000 Savings: $20,000 View Similar Vehicles
2015 BMW 335i Book Value: $40,163 Purchase Price: $16,000 Savings: $24,163 View Similar Vehicles
2016 Nissan Ultima Book Value: $23,646 Purchase Price: $14,500 Savings: $9,146 View Similar Vehicles
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Government vehicles come from a variety of sources including the Federal and State Governments, local council organisations, police services, fire departments, hospitals and ambulance services and other government organisations. Government vehicles are presented in excellent condition. This is because it is part of the organizational responsibility to comply with safety legislation and the vehicles need to run without fail in their normal course of duty. Most vehicles come with stamped log books and comprehensive service history. Many of them still carry a manufacturer’s warranty. In addition, there are thousands of repossessed vehicles that become available when people default on their car loans or lease repayments. The quickest way for the finance companies to retrieve what is owed to them is to repossess the vehicle and sell it at auction for a quick return.
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Seized vehicles, worth millions of dollars, are auctioned every year at police auctions, government auctions and car auctions. Most people don’t know where or when these auctions are taking place. However, the amount of stuff that gets sold at these auctions is amazing. At police and government auctions, you can pick up all makes and models of cars, trucks and SUVs as well as seized real estate, unclaimed money, personal property and more.
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